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Gas Stations Increasingly Dangerous? Dashaun Kirkland Identified as the Victim of Another Gas Station Shooting, Kangaroo Gas Station on 601 in Lugoff, South Carolina.

Posted By Danny Dalton | May 11 2022 | Firm News

19-year old Dashaun Kirkland shot and killed outside of Kangaroo gas station in Kershaw County.

On Tuesday, May 10, at around 1:00 a.m., 19-year-old Dashaun Kirkland was shot and killed at a Kangaroo gas station on 601 near I-20 in Kershaw County, South Carolina. According to Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office, Mr. Kirkland was pronounced dead in the parking lot, and Deputies believe all suspects involved are now in custody.

According to Kershaw County Coroner David West, Kirkland worked at the subject Kangaroo gas station.

What can business owners do to protect their customers from increasing violence at gas stations and convenience stores?

Legal contributor, Attorney Danny Dalton, an experienced crime victim lawyer, represents crime victims and gunshot victims injured or killed in shootings, stabbings, and assaults at commercial and residential properties.

“Gas stations are increasingly becoming danger zones – hots spots for violent crime. There appears to be an increase in reported car jackings, shootings, and assaults at gas stations throughout the country. As our law firm has investigated these incidents, we have found that gas stations in smaller cities and rural areas are often gathering places for people in the area. These gatherings then turn into loitering, often drinking or drug abuse follow, and if left alone, the gatherings then turn violent.”

Dalton adds, “Owners can, and should, take steps to prevent and stop the crime from escalating at their gas stations. They should install quality exterior and interior cameras, regularly monitor those cameras, remove loiters on the property, maintain a criminal trespass list, and if necessary, hire an off-duty officer to patrol the premises.”

An experienced attorney at Mickelsen Dalton LLC can help determine if you have a claim and advise you of your options. Our attorneys have successfully represented dozens of gunshot and assault victims. Within the past three years, Mickelsen Dalton LLC has recovered over $30 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients. We have been featured in Fox News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and several other national news organizations.

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