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Charleston Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Have you or someone you love been hurt in a bicycle accident in Charleston, South Carolina? If another person caused you to get hurt while riding your bicycle, the Charleston bicycle accident lawyers at Mickelsen Dalton want to help you get the compensation you deserve for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and suffering.

Our top-rated bicycle accident lawyers have significant experience handling personal injury claims, including those involving cyclists. We understand the issues and have earned a respected reputation in South Carolina for getting results for our clients, even in the toughest cases. We’ve won millions of dollars for our clients who’ve suffered injuries across South Carolina. Schedule your free initial consultation now to learn about your legal options.

How Mickelsen Dalton Can Help After a Bicycle Accident in Charleston

Facing life after a bicycle accident has the potential to be overwhelming. You need proper time to rest and recover. You certainly don’t need to deal with fighting the insurance company. Let us handle it for you. When Mickelsen Dalton takes your case, we:

  • Complete a comprehensive investigation to determine the cause of the bicycle accident
  • Locate and interview witnesses
  • Communicate with the insurance company
  • Negotiate a settlement that covers all of your damages
  • Provide an experienced trial lawyer for court if it becomes necessary

What Is My Bicycle Accident Case Worth?

The value of a bicycle accident depends on the facts of your case. We will work hard to get you every dollar that you deserve.

Some factors that affect the value of your claim include:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • Wages lost due to your injuries
  • If you share any of the fault for causing the accident
  • How long your recovery may take

The highest awards are seen in cases where death or severe injuries occur. However, insurance companies do whatever they can to minimize the payout on each claim. Our founding partner is a former defense attorney. This helps level the playing field against their unfair tactics.

What Kind of Damages Are Available to Bicycle Accident Victims?

You may seek damages for any loss related to your bicycle accident. Examples include:

  • Damage to your bicycle and helmet
  • Medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Out-of-pocket expenses related to your injuries
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Emotional stress

What Does a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Cost?

At Mickelsen Dalton, we work on a contingency fee basis. There’s nothing for you to pay upfront to hire us after your bicycle accident. We are so confident that we’ll win your case for you that you don’t pay us anything until we do.

Yes, you read that right. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. Call our Charleston personal injury lawyers now to learn more and get started.

Your Trusted Charleston Bicycle Accident Lawyers Are Ready to Help

If you or someone you love is hurt in a bicycle accident in South Carolina, Mickelsen Dalton is the law firm you need on your side. We can help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Schedule your free consultation now.

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