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About Our Firm

Mickelsen Dalton’s litigation practice is dedicated to representing families, individuals and small businesses who have been injured or whose rights have been violated.

In January 2019, Attorneys Brian Mickelsen and Danny Dalton established Mickelsen Dalton, LLC. Brian and Danny first met in the slums of Argentina on a two-year mission.

While in Argentina, Brian and Danny sat inside the homes of thousands of families and listened to their hardships, tragedies, dreams, successes, and failures. They listened to stories. Stories involving real people with real challenges.

Brian and Danny witnessed first-hand the powerful take advantage of the powerless. They saw how something entirely preventable, avoidable, and inexcusable can destroy families and individual lives. Those same injustices continue to occur as large corporations and insurance companies treat everyday people as part of the cost of doing business. They cut corners where they can and when tragedy strikes, they look the other way, point the finger at someone else or ask for a discount. Brian and Danny joined forces to listen to, counsel, and advocate for everyday people who experience tragedy, pain, and loss. They are prepared to guide each client through the complexities and challenges of our legal system. They get clients answers and results.

The attorneys at Mickelsen Dalton fight to hold wrongdoers accountable so that what happened to you does not happen to anyone else. They give every ounce of themselves to their clients. No stone is left unturned. No evidence is left untouched. No detail goes unexamined. Brian and Danny fight to win. The attorneys at Mickelsen Dalton, LLC fight to win.

About Our Firm
Our Cases Have Been Featured On
The New York Times
U.S. News & World Report
ABC News
The Washington Post
Fox News
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Seattle Times
Our Values


Our goal is to expose the truth and ensure that corporate or governmental entities remain accountable and are not successful in concealing instances of negligence or misconduct.


Our South Carolina personal injury attorneys go the extra mile, taking on cases that loudly demand justice. We thrive on challenging legal issues, using the legal process to hold government and corporate entities accountable to the citizens they serve. Justice is not always the easy fight, but it is the pursuit of earned justice that motivates us.


Holding those who seriously harm or injure others accountable constitutes a fundamental pillar of our civil justice system. Mickelsen Dalton strives to sustain the integrity of our legal system, reinforcing the laws which hold public servants, corporations, and other tortfeasors accountable for their actions.

Equal Access

All citizens are entitled to representation and protection under the law. Despite this, individuals without the capital to pay expensive attorney’s fees still feel as though they are unable to legally challenge better-funded offenders. This is not the case. Mickelsen Dalton handles most cases on contingency fees* which allow access to the Courtroom for all.

  • Client may be liable for case-related expenses in addition to the attorney’s fee. The attorney’s fee will be calculated on the gross amount.
Our Accolades
  • American Bar Association
  • Best Lawyers Brian Mickelsen
  • The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers
  • The Association for Trial Lawyers
  • National Center for Victims of Crime
  • State Bar of Georgia
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • South Carolina Bar
  • Washington State Association of Justice
  • South Carolina Association of Justice