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Dauphin County, Pennsylvania – Worker Killed While Assisting Broken Down Truck

Posted By Danny Dalton | April 11 2022 | Firm News

A Repairman Was Killed as He Repaired a Broken-Down Box Truck on the Shoulder of I-81 South.

PennLive reports that a fatal accident occurred the morning of April 11, 2022, at about 9:00 a.m. near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

PennDOT spokeswoman Fritzi Schreffler said that earlier in the morning a box truck was disabled and sitting on the shoulder of I-81 south. PennDOT’s Beltway Patrol had arrived at about 8:00 a.m. to set up flares around the box truck. A repair company was called to fix the truck and the accident occurred just minutes after the repairman arrived to work on the disabled truck.

Authorities have not released the identity of the person who died.

Who Can Be Held Liable After a Car Accident?

Legal writer, Attorney Danny Dalton, an experienced lawyer, regularly represents victims of roadway incidents and suggests that when a tragedy like this occurs, the loved ones of the victim are often left with many questions on top of the grief they are experiencing. Says Attorney Dalton “The emotional toll that accompanies losing someone in this way is difficult enough, families members are then also left with many unanswered questions surrounding the tragedy.” Too many people jump quickly to conclusions based on a short news headline about the incident. Incidents like this, especially those resulting in such tragedy, are rarely straightforward enough for a quick headline shortly after the incident to describe with much accuracy. This is why an in-depth investigation into what happened is so important.

Because much of the evidence in an incident such as this is perishable, retaining an attorney quickly to investigate the incident is crucial. When a commercial vehicle such as this box truck is disabled, there are often state or federal regulations that govern and instruct the proper handling of this dangerous situation. Some of the important questions to ask early include:

  • Why was the box truck disabled? What was the nature of the problem?
  • Where on the roadway was the disabled truck?
  • Were proper road flairs and cones set out to warn drivers of the disabled truck?
  • Who made the first impact and where?
  • Who witnessed the incident and what did they see?
  • Is there any dashcam footage from any of the involved vehicles or surrounding vehicles?

Of course, these are just examples of some of the questions that will be important to preserving and exploring potential legal claims. With incidents involving vehicles, it is important to remember that drivers on the road owe a legal duty to drive safely and take reasonable steps to avoid hazards. Until an investigation into this incident is performed, many of these questions remain unanswered.

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