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Shooting at Freaknik Music Festival Leaves 2 Killed: William Mykell Lowery and Christopher “Scooter” Dunn

Posted By Danny Dalton | June 2 2022 | Negligent Security

Investigators are still searching for information as to what happened at the Freaknik festival in Sandersville, Georgia. A shooting and resulting stampede left several injured and two individuals dead from gunshot wounds.

William Mykell Lowery, 17, and Christopher “Scooter” Dunn, 30, were both attending a Freaknik festival at a local park in Sandersville when shots rang out. Witnesses say that as soon as gunfire erupted, everyone started running in all directions.

Although few details have been released about what led up to the shooting, witnesses state that the crowded festival had little security, if any, and no one checking for weapons.

Unfortunately, shootings and violence at Freaknik Festivals have happened before. Can violence at these festivals be prevented, or at least discouraged? Certainly, there are steps that can be taken to prevent weapons at these festivals, to check for drugs, monitor attendees, and to intervene when disputes break out.

Investigation and Questions

Details are still limited and the investigation is ongoing, but as the investigation pertains to a civil lawsuit for the deaths and injuries that occurred at this event, important questions remain:

  • Who was the shooters?
  • Was everyone at the festival checked for guns or other dangerous weapons?
  • Did the victims and the shooter know each other?
  • What is the history of prior crime and police response at prior Freaknik festivals?
  • What security measures, if any, were in place at this Freaknik Festival?
  • Who was responsible for security and safety at this event?
  • What led up to the shooting and how long did the altercation last?

These questions can help begin painting a clearer picture of why this incident occurred and whether it could have been prevented. Those responsible for the event have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to protect their guests. When an event has a history of violence and problems with crime, they may be held liable when one of their guests is injured or killed in one of these instances of violent crime.

How to Prevent Violence and Crime at an Event Like This?

Attorney Danny Dalton, an experienced wrongful death lawyer, has represented many families of those killed or injured by the actions or negligence of others. Mr. Dalton offered the following tips:

  • Owners and operators of businesses should take reasonable steps to help prevent violence on their properties such as providing adequate lighting, video cameras, fences, courtesy officers, security patrols, off-duty officers, trespass lists, and maintaining a clean store in good repair can all help to deter crime.
  • Property owners should request and monitor crime data to get a better idea of what is happening at and around the property so that they can evaluate what security measures are necessary.
  • Owners and operators should request for the 9-1-1 calls for service logs, crime grids, and actual police reports.

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