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Negligent Hiring? Taco Bell Employee Brings Assault Rifle to Work, Threatens and Shoots Customers in Atlanta, Georgia.

Posted By Danny Dalton | May 19 2022 | Personal Injury

At least two teenagers shot and wounded by 17-Year-Old Marquis Jordan, a Taco Bell employee in Atlanta, GA.

CBS46 reported a shooting at a Taco Bell on the 900 block of Camp Fulton Way. Marquis Jordan, an employee at Taco Bell, apparently brought an assault rifle to work. Later, after a disagreement with two teenage customers, Jordan retrieved the assault rifle and opened fire. Both were transported to the hospital with serious injuries.

Jalen Jackson, a customer and witness, told WSB-TV Atlanta that Jordan was also arguing with other customers prior to the shooting, Jordan then went back into the store, and brought his rifle outside in an attempted to scare them off. Jordan then began yelling at the vehicle behind Mr. Jackson’s and fired shots at the car, hitting the two teenagers.

What to do next?

Legal contributor Attorney Danny Dalton, an experienced wrongful death lawyer, has represented many families of those killed or injured by the actions or negligence of others. Mr. Dalton offered the following commentary on this situation:

This is a terrifying and tragic incident. You may be sitting in a drive-through one moment, and dodging gunfire from an assault rifle the next moment is truly scary. The police are obviously pursuing the alleged shooter, Mr. Jordan and investigating all possible criminal charges. Questions remain, though. How was Mr. Jordan able to bring an assault rifle into his workplace? Did Mr. Jordan have a history of threatening or violent behavior at work? Outside of work? What kind of background checks were done prior to hiring Mr. Jordan?

Who can be held liable when an employee attacks a customer?

Obviously, the shooter himself may be held liable. Additionally, though, owners and operators of businesses must take reasonable steps to keep their customers safe while on the property. If they fail to do so, they may be held liable when an injury or death occurs on their property. When an employee directly and intentionally causes the danger or harm, however, the response from the business owners and their insurance companies is often “Well he was obviously acting outside of his job description when he attacked the customers.”

Too often, employers are aware that one of their employees is a risk to the customer and they fail to take steps to fix the situation. If it is discovered that the employee has a criminal history or a history of violence, that he has threatened customers or coworkers in the past, or that people have complained about this employee, the business may still be held liable even though the employee was acting outside of his employment description.

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