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Posted By Legal Team | November 29 2022 | Personal Injury

How Long Will My Personal Injury Settlement Take?

You’ve been in a car accident or experienced some other type of personal injury that wasn’t your fault. The bills are piling up and you’re missing work. You need money now, so how long will it take to get a settlement? The answer isn’t always simple. Some personal injury settlements take just a couple months,…

Posted By Legal Team | November 28 2022 | Crime, Firm News

Shootings in the United States: How Many Americans Know A Gunshot Victim?

If it seems like there is a shooting every time you turn on the news, open a newspaper, or navigate to a news website – you may be right.  Every day hundreds of people are shot in the United States.  In fact, over the last several years, more than 300 people have been shot each…

Posted By Danny Dalton | November 28 2022 | Truck Accidents

Jesse James Graham Killed in Collision with Tractor-Trailer in Twiggs County, GA

Local news reports that Jesse James Graham of Chauncey, Georgia, was killed on Monday morning. The Georgia Department of Transportation confirmed that Graham suffered fatal injuries in a wreck between a motorcycle and a tractor-trailer. Graham was the motorcyclist. No details about what led to the crash have been released as the investigation is ongoing….

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