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Car Accidents

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Posted By Legal Team | September 20 2023 | Car Accidents

How to Calculate Diminished Value After a Car Accident

When you purchase a car, it’s an investment that naturally depreciates over time due to wear and tear. But there’s one circumstance that can significantly speed up this process: being involved in a car accident. Even after repairs have been completed and your vehicle appears as good as new again, its value has likely dropped…

Posted By Legal Team | May 31 2023 | Bicycle Accidents, Car Accidents

Determining Who is Liable in a Bicycle and Car Accident in Charleston

In Charleston, South Carolina, where countless drivers and cyclists share the roads, it’s crucial to maintain awareness of our responsibilities to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen, and determining liability can be challenging.  Common Injuries from Bicycle and Car Accidents Bicycle and car accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries to…

Posted By Legal Team | December 1 2022 | Car Accidents

What To Do After a Hit and Run in Charleston

Being involved in a hit and run accident is a traumatic experience. Not only are you left dealing with the damage to your vehicle, but you may also be dealing with injuries, both physical and psychological. The aftermath of a hit and run can be overwhelming, but it’s important to know what to do to…

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