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Monthly Archives: February 2024


Lifetime Effects of Burn Injuries in South Carolina

By Mickelsen Dalton |

While electrocution can often cause fatal injuries, some burn victims in South Carolina survive these accidents. The road to recovery for these individuals may be long and arduous, and they may struggle with a wide range of health complications for the rest of their lives. If you are dealing with this situation firsthand, you… Read More »

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Hit By a Semi-Truck in South Carolina While Going the Wrong Way: Can I Sue?

By Mickelsen Dalton |

Heading into oncoming traffic presents a wide range of possible dangers, and the presence of a semi-truck is perhaps one of the most notable. Motorists who are struck by semi-trucks in head-on collisions can expect serious, catastrophic injuries. Many do not survive these crashes. If you are struggling with the aftermath of such a… Read More »

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Can I Sue a Driver in South Carolina for Illegal Passing?

By Mickelsen Dalton |

Although it is legal to pass slower traffic in South Carolina, drivers must do so in a lawful manner. If they fail to do this, the risk of auto accidents increases dramatically. Those who have suffered injuries due to illegal passing understand this only too well. These injured victims may struggle to pay medical… Read More »

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