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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Car Accidents / Auto Injury Claims After Rear-Enders in South Carolina

Auto Injury Claims After Rear-Enders in South Carolina


Rear-enders can change your life forever in South Carolina. Even a relatively light impact can throw you forward, causing various neck and head injuries. A more forceful crash can leave you with permanent disabilities. One of the most important steps after a rear-ender in South Carolina is to pursue compensation for your medical bills, missed wages, and other damages.

 Lighter Vehicles Are Especially Vulnerable to Rear-Enders

 The extent of your rear-ender injuries depends heavily on the size and weight of the two vehicles involved. If you were traveling in a relatively light vehicle and you were struck by a much heavier vehicle, the chances of severe injuries are high. For example, you might have been struck by a semi-truck while driving a smaller sedan.

However, sedans can also cause serious injuries to even smaller vehicles. Back in January of 2024, a man on a moped died after being struck from behind by a sedan in South Carolina. This impact caused catastrophic, fatal head injuries – and it illustrates the potential effect of these weight differences.

 The Rear Vehicle Is Almost Always At Fault 

In South Carolina, the rear vehicle is usually at fault in the event of a rear-ender. It is the rear vehicle’s responsibility to give the lead vehicle adequate space. Rear-enders are almost always caused by excessive speeds, distractions, following too closely, or a combination of these factors. Even if a lead vehicle slams on the brakes without warning, the driver of the rear vehicle is expected to avoid a collision.

Fortunately, this makes pursuing compensation for most rear-enders relatively easy. All you really need to do is show that you were struck from behind, and you should receive compensation for your various medical expenses, missed wages, and other damages. The only exception is if you were parked in an illegal or unsafe location without your hazard lights activated.

 Whiplash Is a Common Injury in Rear-Enders 

Whiplash is a very common injury for drivers who have been rear-ended. Although this is considered a somewhat minor or moderate injury in the medical world, it can still affect your life. Whiplash can be very painful and uncomfortable. Stiffness and pain may persist for months if you have suffered a particularly serious case of whiplash.

Appointments with medical specialists may be necessary to recover from whiplash, and these treatments may be expensive. In addition, you may miss wages while resting. All of these losses should be compensated if you pursue legal action alongside a qualified car accident attorney in South Carolina.

 File a Personal Injury Claim With Help From Mickelsen Dalton, LLC 

Mickelsen Dalton, LLC can help you pursue compensation after a rear-ender in South Carolina. With our help, you can recover all the compensation you need to treat injuries like whiplash, paralysis, and head injuries. An injury claim can also help you cover your missed wages. Reach out to our Charleston car accident lawyers today for help.




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