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Charleston Personal Injury Attorneys / Blog / Personal Injury / How Long Will My Personal Injury Settlement Take?

How Long Will My Personal Injury Settlement Take?

You’ve been in a car accident or experienced some other type of personal injury that wasn’t your fault. The bills are piling up and you’re missing work. You need money now, so how long will it take to get a settlement?

The answer isn’t always simple. Some personal injury settlements take just a couple months, while others could take a year or multiple years. It all depends on the specific facts and circumstances surrounding your case. Here are a few things that can affect the timeline of your personal injury settlement.

How Long Will My Personal Injury Settlement Take

The Severity of Your Injuries

One of the most important factors that will affect the length of your personal injury settlement is the severity of your injuries. If you’ve suffered minor cuts and bruises, you can expect to receive a settlement much sooner than someone who’s been permanently paralyzed or has suffered life-threatening injuries. This is because insurance companies understand that minor injuries will heal with time and don’t require ongoing medical treatment. It’s easier to calculate how much you could be entitled to.

However, if you have suffered severe injuries that will have a lasting impact on your life, the insurance company will want to see extensive proof of your injuries before they offer you a fair settlement. They will also want to see how your injuries progress before they agree to anything.

Whether You Have an Experienced Attorney

Another factor that can affect how long it takes to settle your personal injury claim is whether or not you have an experienced attorney on your side. Attorneys who have handled similar cases in the past will know exactly what documentation the insurance company will need to make a fair offer. They will also be familiar with the various strategies that insurance companies use to skirt responsibility. Your lawyer will fight tooth and nail to get you the money you deserve.

The Complexity of Your Case

The complexity of your case will also play a role. If there are multiple defendants involved or if liability is disputed, it can take longer to reach a settlement than if liability is clear and there is only one defendant.

Insurance Company’s Willingness to Settle

The insurance company’s willingness to settle is also a major factor in how long it will take to reach a personal injury settlement. Some insurance companies are quick to offer a fair settlement, while others may drag their feet in hopes that you will become frustrated and accept a lower offer. If the insurance company refuses to budge on their initial offer, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit and let a judge or jury decide how much you are entitled to. This option should always be discussed with your personal injury lawyer so that they can advise you on the best course of action.

Whether You Were Partially at Fault for the Accident

If you were partially at fault for the accident, it may take longer to reach a settlement agreement with the other party’s insurance company. This is because the insurance company will likely try to reduce your payout by blaming you for the accident.

No one can say for sure how long it will take to reach a personal injury settlement because there are so many factors involved. An experienced Charleston personal injury lawyer can help guide you through the process and fight for your rights so that you can focus on healing from your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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