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Charleston Personal Injury Attorneys / Blog / Motorcycle Accidents / South Carolina Sees Multiple Fatal Motorcycle Crashes with Three Weeks

South Carolina Sees Multiple Fatal Motorcycle Crashes with Three Weeks


In the space of just three weeks, South Carolina witnessed three fatal motorcycle crashes. All three of these South Carolina motorcycle accidents proved fatal, and all three incidents occurred under slightly different circumstances. These incidents show just how dangerous motorcycle accidents can be. Not only that, but these accidents also illustrate the various forms of negligence that can potentially cause motorcyclists to lose their lives.

One Fatality and Two Injuries Reported After Motorcycle Crash in Lexington County 

On February 4th of 2024, News19 reported that a motorcycle crash in Lexington County had led to two injuries and one fatality. Police say that at about 1:30 PM, an individual riding a Kawasaki motorcycle was heading down South Lake Drive when they were struck by a Chevrolet SUV. Although the motorcyclist was quickly transported to the Lexington Medical Center for treatment, they ultimately died of their wounds. Two of the four occupants in the SUV were also hospitalized. The fact that the people inside the SUV were injured by the collision suggests that the accident occurred at very high speeds. State Troopers are still investigating the cause of the crash.

Motorcyclist Dies After Colliding with Deer in Spartanburg County 

On January 30th of 2024, High Patrol reported that a motorcyclist had lost their life after colliding with a deer in Spartanburg County. The accident apparently occurred early on Tuesday morning. While traveling down Hammett Grove Road, the motorcyclist couldn’t avoid hitting a deer – and the impact caused them to become ejected from their vehicle. A driver then passed the scene and spotted the deceased individual. Police say that they are still attempting to determine the exact cause of the crash – and that forensic testing results are pending. Although this may seem like a freak accident, the truth is that deer pose a genuine threat to motorcyclists in South Carolina.

Motorcyclist Dies in Pickens County 

About two weeks prior to the deer crash, a motorcyclist lost their life after a collision in Pickens County. Police say that the victim was a sophomore student and a resident of Summerville. Apparently, he was earning an engineering degree at Clemson University. The college issued a statement after his death, calling him a “valuable member of the campus.” Aside from these details, the police did not go into specifics about the circumstances of the crash. They did mention that he was wearing a helmet, however.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in South Carolina 

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced Charleston motorcycle accident lawyer, look no further than Mickelsen Dalton, LLC. Although three fatal motorcycle accidents in as many weeks is a shocking statistic, it is not surprising to many legal professionals. We have helped numerous motorcycle accident victims and their families throughout the years, and we know how common these tragedies have become. Book a consultation today to discuss the potential for compensation.





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