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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Negligent Security / Stabbings and Shootings Reported Across South Carolina: Can Victims Sue?

Stabbings and Shootings Reported Across South Carolina: Can Victims Sue?


Over the past few days, a number of shootings and stabbings have occurred throughout South Carolina. Some of these attacks have occurred at the most notable locations in the State – including universities and even the South Carolina Welcome Center. Although law enforcement is still trying to get to the bottom of these crimes, many of the victims are undoubtedly asking themselves whether they can sue. Can you file a negligent security lawsuit for a shooting in South Carolina?

Man Posing as Security Guard at SC Welcome Center Stabs Visitor 

In April of 2024, Yahoo News reported that a man had stabbed a victim at the South Carolina Welcome Center. According to the report, this violent criminal was posing as a security guard when he carried out the attack – which was described by police as an “attempted robbery.” The victim says that as he was approaching the tourist center, the suspect informed him that a body search was necessary before entry. As the fake security guard drew closer, he produced a blade and stabbed the victim. Authorities believe that the suspect may have fled to Georgia after the attack – which would have been easy as the tourist center is located on the border.

Although the circumstances of the attack are still under investigation, one might argue that this represents a clear example of negligent security. Why was a fake security guard allowed to roam the premises unchallenged? Where were the real security guards in all of this? Depending on the answers to these questions, the victim may be eligible to file a negligent security lawsuit.

Three Injured After Shooting at South Carolina Bar 

On the same day as the stabbing incident, WYFF 4 News reported on a shooting at a popular bar in South Carolina. The suspect seems to have fired several times into a large crowd, leaving three people with gunshot wounds. Fortunately, all three victims are expected to make full recoveries – and the suspect was taken into custody on charges of attempted murder, firing into a dwelling, and other offenses.

Depending on the circumstances, the victims of this shooting may have the opportunity to sue the bar for negligent security. For example, the bar may be liable if shootings have occurred on the premises in the past. Generally speaking, most bars are expected to have security personnel in place to prevent these shootings.

Find a Qualified Negligent Security Lawyer in South Carolina 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Charleston negligent security lawyer, look no further than Mickelson Dalton, LLC. The only way to find out whether you’re eligible for compensation after a shooting is to book a consultation with a legal professional. During this initial meeting, you can discuss the details of your attack. After assessing your unique situation, we’ll recommend the most appropriate course of legal action. Reach out today to get started.





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