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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Negligent Security / Which South Carolina Businesses Can Be Sued for Negligent Security?

Which South Carolina Businesses Can Be Sued for Negligent Security?


If you have been attacked or assaulted at a South Carolina business, you might be wondering whether you can file a negligent security claim. While this might be a possibility, you should first consider the type and nature of the business that allowed you to suffer harm. Only certain businesses can be held liable for these incidents.

General Rules for Negligent Security Claims 

In general, a business may be held accountable for negligent security if there is a “free flow of money and liquor.” These types of businesses are likely to attract criminals, intoxicated individuals, and those looking for fights. You may also need to show that there is a history of past violence at these locations, or that the business is located in a neighborhood with a clear and documentable crime problem.


 There are few businesses in which liquor and money flow with greater ease than casinos. These establishments are hotbeds for criminal activities, intoxicated individuals, disgruntled gamblers, and a range of other unsavory characters. Average people may encounter all kinds of threats when visiting casinos in South Carolina. A responsible casino should always have a clear and effective security plan in place. Failure to take effective steps in this regard could make the casino liable for injuries that occur as a result of violent acts on the premises.


Bars, pubs, and clubs see all kinds of violent incidents each year. Many people go to bars specifically to find someone to fight. When everyone is sufficiently intoxicated, something as simple as a spilled drink or a glance in the wrong direction can lead to a physical altercation. These establishments should hire dedicated security staff – especially if they have seen numerous violent incidents in the past. Failure to take these steps could make them liable for injuries caused by assaults and related crimes.

 24-Hour Fast Food Restaurants 

While bars and casinos are obvious candidates for negligent security claims, there are also more subtle examples of businesses that attract a surprising number of criminals. For decades, 24-hour fast-food establishments have seen widespread crime. Although this may be surprising to some, anyone who has actually visited a 24-hour fast food location in the dead of night will hardly be shocked.

A wide range of intoxicated individuals, criminals, and addicts will visit 24-hour fast food locations on a regular basis simply because nothing else is open at certain hours. Numerous altercations have occurred at these establishments over the years, including stabbings, shootings, and in one recent case, an attack involving a deep fryer.

Find a Negligent Security Lawyer in South Carolina 

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced Charleston negligent security lawyer, look no further than Mickelsen Dalton, LLC. We have helped numerous injured plaintiffs throughout South Carolina – including those who suffered injuries in preventable criminal attacks on business premises. To determine whether a specific business could be held liable for negligent security, consider booking a consultation today.




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