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Worrying Number of Hit-and-Runs Reported in South Carolina


Within the past few days, numerous hit-and-runs have occurred throughout South Carolina. Two major incidents left victims dead, with motorists fleeing rather than accepting responsibility. If a hit-and-run has harmed you or someone you love, you know exactly how traumatic these incidents can be. With no driver to blame, you might also feel like justice is impossible to pursue. However, an experienced car accident lawyer in South Carolina may be able to help you take action.

Police Arrest Hit-and-Run Driver Who Killed Two Young Women in Charleston 

In late April of 2024, NBC News reported that two 20-year-old women had been killed by a hit-and-run driver in Charleston. The driver struck the two women on Sunday morning as they were walking down the street. Police immediately began investigating the incident and collected debris that had been scattered around the crash scene.

Three days later, police arrested a driver in connection to the deadly hit-and-run. It is not clear how police located the man, but he was charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident causing death. He may also face additional charges depending on the outcome of the investigation.

This report shows that South Carolina police can track down hit-and-run suspects within days. They may use sophisticated techniques involving crash scene analysis. Even if the suspect leaves nothing behind, detectives can piece together the circumstances of the crash and find those responsible. This provides hope for families dealing with the aftermath of fatal hit-and-runs in South Carolina.

Hardeeville Cyclist Struck in Fatal Hit-and-Run 

One day after the two young women had been struck and killed, a cyclist also suffered fatal injuries in another hit-and-run. This incident occurred in Hardeeville when a 61-year-old cyclist was hit by a passing vehicle at about 4:00 AM. Two hours later, a motorist discovered the victim’s body while driving to work. Police later determined that the cyclist had been killed by blunt force trauma consistent with a vehicle impact.

This particular stretch of highway is quite rural, and there are no traffic cameras to speak of. The time and location of this incident also rules out any potential eyewitnesses – other than the driver who caused the accident. Despite these challenges, police are investigating the hit-and-run. They may eventually locate the driver responsible, allowing the victim’s family to achieve a sense of justice and closure.

Pursuing Compensation After a Hit-and-Run in South Carolina 

You can still pursue compensation after a hit-and-run in South Carolina. If police locate the suspect, you can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against them. In the event that police fail to locate the suspect, you can discuss alternative legal options alongside an experienced South Carolina car accident lawyer.

Contact Mickelson Dalton, LLC Today 

A hit-and-run can alter your life forever, but it doesn’t necessarily prevent you from taking legal action. Eventually, police find and arrest many hit-and-run motorists. You might also discuss alternative sources of compensation with your Charleston car accident lawyers. To review your legal options in more detail, book a consultation with Mickelsen Dalton, LLC today.





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