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Monthly Archives: January 2024


Long-Term Effects of Head Injuries After South Carolina Motorcycle Crashes

By Mickelsen Dalton |

Head injuries are common after motorcycle accidents in South Carolina. Often, motorcyclists are ejected from their vehicles by impacts that send them flying forward. At high speeds, this may fling them headfirst into other vehicles, the road, or various barriers. After suffering such an accident, victims may struggle with a range of injuries that… Read More »

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Which South Carolina Businesses Can Be Sued for Negligent Security?

By Mickelsen Dalton |

If you have been attacked or assaulted at a South Carolina business, you might be wondering whether you can file a negligent security claim. While this might be a possibility, you should first consider the type and nature of the business that allowed you to suffer harm. Only certain businesses can be held liable… Read More »

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Amazon Finally Held Liable for Delivery Driver Accidents in South Carolina

By Mickelsen Dalton |

Those familiar with Amazon will know that the company has an established history of dodging lawsuits with all kinds of tactics. However, a recent case in South Carolina shows that these strategies can only get the e-commerce corporation so far. For years, Amazon has been hiding behind a network of third-party contractors for its… Read More »

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