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Charleston Personal Injury Attorneys / Blog / Negligent Security / Injured After a Gas Station Shooting in South Carolina: Can I Sue?

Injured After a Gas Station Shooting in South Carolina: Can I Sue?


If you were injured in a South Carolina gas station shooting, you may be struggling with a range of medical, financial, and psychological issues. Even a single small-caliber bullet can cause lifelong disabilities, including spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and organ failure. Bullets can also shatter bones and leave you with permanent disfigurements. Aside from these painful, traumatic injuries, you may also incur serious medical expenses. Is it really possible to sue a gas station for allowing this to happen?

Gas Station Shootings Are Becoming All Too Common in South Carolina 

While a gas station shooting might seem like a freak occurrence, it happens on a fairly regular basis across South Carolina. On January 27th of 2023, a man was reportedly left in critical condition after an exchange of gunfire at a QT gas station in Spartanburg. The victim was found lying on the ground in the parking lot of the gas station, having suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

Surveillance footage seems to show the victim and the suspect walking side-by-side in the parking lot. Suddenly, the shooter turns and discharges several cartridges into the victim before fleeing the scene in their vehicle. The victim survived but was quickly transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition. Police also managed to track down and arrest the suspect, who was charged with attempted murder.

Just one month prior, another shooting occurred at a gas station in Dorchester County. In this case, the victim did not survive the attack. Police arrived to find the victim lying on his back, with a gas station employee attempting to perform CPR. A second victim was shot in the stomach in connection with the attack but survived. One family member was reportedly so distraught that they assaulted a police officer who prevented them from rushing toward the body – and they were tasered as a result. Police did not announce any arrests in the following days.

Suing a Gas Station For Negligent Security 

With so many gas station shootings in South Carolina, there is a clear pattern emerging. After experiencing numerous violent altercations on their premises, gas station owners are legally expected to upgrade their security plans. If they fail to make these upgrades and people continue to suffer critical or fatal injuries, the gas station could be held liable in a negligent security lawsuit. Speak with a qualified injury lawyer for more information.

Find a Qualified Negligent Security Lawyer in South Carolina 

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced Charleston negligent security lawyer, look no further than Mickelsen Dalton, LLC. We know that shootings can leave victims with serious, expensive, and traumatic injuries. It is possible to sue a gas station for allowing this violence to occur in some situations. For detailed guidance, be sure to book a consultation at your earliest convenience.




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