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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Burn Injury / When Can You Sue for an Explosion in South Carolina?

When Can You Sue for an Explosion in South Carolina?


An explosion in South Carolina can lead to catastrophic, life-altering injuries. These injuries might include third-degree burns, amputations, disfigurements, and smoke inhalation. Explosions also routinely kill those caught in the blast wave. If an explosion affected you or someone you love in South Carolina, you might be wondering if you can sue to recover compensation for medical expenses, missed wages, and emotional distress.

Tesla Battery Combustion 

Lithium-ion batteries have proven to be utterly unreliable after widespread introduction in South Carolina. Today, most people are aware that these batteries have a shocking tendency to spontaneously explode or burst into flames – especially when charging. This affects not only Teslas and other cars, but also smaller products like scooters and e-bikes.

Too often, we have heard tragic stories of entire homes going up in flames after a malfunctioning Tesla or EV was left to charge in the garage. This situation has spiraled so far out of control that fire department authorities around the nation are warning drivers never to charge EVs inside their homes.

In some cases, it may be possible to sue the manufacturer of a defective lithium-ion battery product after a fire resulting in fatalities or injuries. These manufacturers can be held “strictly liable” via a product liability lawsuit. Speak with your injury attorney in South Carolina for more information.

 Workplace Explosions 

If you were injured by some kind of workplace explosion, you can file a workers’ compensation claim to recover compensation. This might include factory explosions, chemical explosions at processing plants, and similar incidents. Note that in some cases, you may have the opportunity to file a personal injury claim and recover additional compensation for non-economic damages. This might be possible if the explosion was caused by a third-party contractor, for example.

 Defective Kitchen Products 

Defective kitchen products are constantly exploding in South Carolina. Common culprits include pressure cookers, blenders, and various other devices. Sometimes, these items can spray hot food and liquids across the kitchen, potentially causing facial burns and permanent disfigurements. Many pressure cooker lawsuits have led to lucrative settlements for victims.

 Gas Leaks 

Gas leaks have the potential to completely detonate entire neighborhoods. Every year, houses are obliterated by these explosions, leaving nothing standing except the foundations. In 2022, South Carolina saw an explosion of this type that “could be felt for miles.” For those inside the homes, there is very little chance of survival. Often, city municipalities are to blame for these explosions. Another common cause is a faulty, defective heater. Both situations can lead to lawsuits.

Find a Qualified Catastrophic Injury Attorney in South Carolina 

If you have been searching for a qualified Charleston burn injury attorney, look no further than Mickelsen Dalton, LLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured plaintiffs – including those who suffered catastrophic injuries due to explosions. We can also help families who have lost loved ones due to these tragic incidents. Book your consultation today to assess the most appropriate route to compensation.




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