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Charleston Personal Injury Attorneys / Blog / Spinal Cord Injury / Non-Economic Damages for Paralysis in South Carolina

Non-Economic Damages for Paralysis in South Carolina


Paralysis leaves you with both medical and psychological burdens. In the legal world, these psychological impairments are called “non-economic damages.” As the name suggests, these losses have nothing to do with your financial situation. What kinds of non-economic damages can you claim after suffering a paralyzing injury in South Carolina?

Loss of Enjoyment of Life 

A common damage after paralysis is “loss of enjoyment of life.” This damage represents your inability to engage in the various activities you once enjoyed. For example, you may be unable to go mountain biking after becoming paralyzed from the waist down. You might also lose the ability to play catch with your son or walk your dog. Note that this is not related to the loss of your career or income – and it only deals with your non-work-related interests. A related damage is “loss of purpose of life.”

 Depression and other Mental Health Disorders 

After becoming paralyzed, you can also highlight various mental health disorders in your injury claim. Many paralyzed patients develop depression for obvious reasons. You might struggle with social withdrawal, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, and many other issues. Additional mental health issues, such as PTSD, may be related to the memories and trauma of your accident rather than the subsequent injury.

 Pain & Suffering 

Phrases like “pain & suffering” or “emotional distress” refer to all your non-economic damages. These might include mental health issues, the physical pain of your injuries, the sense of suffering you endured, and your emotional distress. Almost all paralyzed patients claim this damage when filing their injury claims.


Paralysis may leave you with a sense of humiliation. Perhaps the circumstances of your accident were particularly shameful. Maybe your medical treatment left you feeling defeated and low. Whatever the case may be, you may claim “humiliation” as a legitimate damage in your injury lawsuit.

 How Do I Prove My Non-Economic Damages? 

Claiming various non-economic damages is one thing, but proving your damages is another. Unlike medical expenses or missed wages, you cannot simply show your receipts or pay stubs to prove emotional losses. Instead, you need to work with your lawyers to employ more nuanced strategies.

A common method is to keep a journal and describe your feelings through the healing process. If you choose this strategy, it is best to start your journal as soon as possible after the accident. Mental health professionals may also examine you and provide you with an official diagnosis of a psychological disorder.

Contact Mickelsen Dalton, LLC Today 

If you need help pursuing compensation for your non-economic damages, speak with a qualified Charleston spinal cord injury lawyer. You should receive your fair share after struggling with legitimate mental health concerns associated with paralysis. Mickelson Dalton, LLC has spent years fighting for the rights of injured plaintiffs like you. Book a consultation today to pursue the compensation you need.




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