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Suing for a Walmart Shooting in South Carolina


In April of 2024, a shooter brandished a hatchet at a Walmart parking lot in South Carolina. Officers were able to eliminate the threat with no other casualties, but the situation could have been much worse. What if someone had been struck by a stray bullet? What if your child had been hit in the leg by a ricochet? In this case, injured plaintiffs could theoretically sue Walmart for “negligent security” in South Carolina. How does this type of lawsuit work?

Determining Whether the Walmart Location Has a “History of Violence” 

If you’re serious about suing Walmart for a violent incident, the first step should be to determine the location’s history. If the Walmart has seen numerous violent incidents in the past, it may be easier to sue them. This stems from the concept of “awareness” in personal injury cases.

Once a defendant becomes aware of a potential hazard to the general public, they must take immediate steps to address the issue. If the property owner or business owner fails to do this, they may be liable for future injuries. For example, a Walmart location in South Carolina may have seen numerous carjackings in  their parking lot. If they fail to hire even a single new security guard, they could be held liable with a negligent security lawsuit for subsequent injuries in another carjacking.

Let’s return to that incident involving the hatchet-wielding assailant. It is possible to research the history of that specific Walmart location with a simple Google search. This Walmart is located in Easley, and there have been numerous violent incidents at that branch within the past few years.

In 2019, a dead body was found at the Easley Walmart’s parking lot. Also in 2019, two people were arrested after impersonating police officers and physically assaulting people in the Walmart parking lot. In 2021, someone was carjacked at that same parking lot – sparking a police pursuit through town. The victim was held up at gunpoint and forced to hand over his vehicle. This may be enough to establish a “history of violence” in a South Carolina negligent security lawsuit.

Work With an Experienced Negligent Security Lawyer in South Carolina 

If you were injured in a Walmart parking lot assault, you may be eligible for compensation. To discuss your options in more detail, it makes sense to book a consultation with an experienced Charleston negligent security lawyer. Remember, a lawsuit can help you cover your medical expenses and missed wages. You may also receive compensation for non-economic damages, such as PTSD or depression. Walmart is one of the biggest corporations in the United States, and it has a legal responsibility to protect shoppers from foreseeable hazards. Book a consultation with Mickelsen Dalton, LLC – and take your first steps toward justice today.





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