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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Truck Accidents / Suing for Burns After a Semi-Truck Accident in South Carolina

Suing for Burns After a Semi-Truck Accident in South Carolina


Semi-truck accidents in South Carolina often cause victims to suffer disfiguring burns. Serious burns are among the most painful injuries one can endure, and they sometimes prove fatal. Due to the unique characteristics of semi-trucks, fires, and explosions may be more likely after crashes. If you have suffered these injuries firsthand, you might be wondering about potential compensation. How do you approach this situation in the most effective manner?

Unexplained Truck Fire Kills Two People at South Carolina Border

 On February 22nd of 2024, it was reported that two people had lost their lives due to a sudden, unexplained truck fire at the South Carolina border. As of this writing, police are still trying to figure out exactly what sparked the blaze. However, we know that it began with a high-speed collision after an 18-wheeler barreled into another truck.

This initial collision sparked a chain-reaction crash that apparently affected a total of four additional trucks. In total, six trucks went up in flames – completely reducing the vehicles to scrap metal. Two truckers lost their lives in the collision, indicating that the blaze happened too quickly for injured victims to escape. The first two truckers involved in the crash lost their lives, suggesting that they may have been disabled or rendered unconscious before being engulfed by the flames.

There is some indication that the first trucker dozed off before the crash. However, some say that he might have suffered a medical emergency of some kind. A full investigation must move forward before anyone makes any hasty conclusions. One thing is clear: This shocking incident indicates just how dangerous the trucking industry can be.

Suing for Burns After Truck Accidents 

If you have suffered burns in a truck accident, you may have the opportunity to claim additional damages. The most obvious damage associated with burns is disfigurement. Those who manage to escape from burning truck wrecks may face a lifetime of physical and mental health issues due to disfigurements across their faces and bodies. Scarring is almost always permanent.

Fortunately, South Carolina personal injury law allows you to pursue compensation for disfigurement. This is considered a form of “non-economic” damage, indicating its psychological nature. You can also recover compensation for medical expenses, missed wages, and any other economic damages you might have incurred. Speak to your injury attorney in South Carolina for more information about compensation for burns.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in South Carolina 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Charleston truck accident lawyer, look no further than Mickelsen Dalton, LLC. Over the years, we have helped numerous injured truck accident victims in South Carolina. We know how devastating and life-altering burns can be, and we can help you seek the compensation you deserve. A personal injury lawsuit may provide the settlement you need to pursue reconstructive surgery, so book your consultation today to get started.




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