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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Car Accidents / Suing Your Ex for Causing Catastrophic Injuries to Your Children While Driving

Suing Your Ex for Causing Catastrophic Injuries to Your Children While Driving


After a divorce, you might feel extremely worried about your ex driving with your kids. The worst-case scenario? A serious crash that leaves your children with serious, life-altering, and catastrophic injuries. Unfortunately, this fear becomes a reality for many parents after serious car crashes in South Carolina, and some might feel a range of turbulent emotions upon hearing this news. What can you do to pursue justice, hold your ex accountable, and ensure your kids get access to medical treatment?

Mom Crashes SUV with Six Kids Inside After Shoplifting

On February 14th of 2024, it was reported that a mother in South Carolina had led police on a chase with four children in her SUV before crashing in spectacular fashion. The 37-year-old was apparently caught shoplifting at a shopping center in Forest Acres, prompting her to flee the scene. She then got into her SUV and led officers on a winding chase across various side streets.

Eventually, she struck a police car and flipped the SUV. The vehicle finally came to a halt in someone’s yard, rolling over a brick wall and onto its roof. Fortunately, all of the children were released from a nearby hospital relatively quickly. However, the mother seems to have suffered serious injuries, and she remained at the hospital for quite some time. It’s not clear what kind of criminal charges she will face, but there is a clear case for numerous counts of child endangerment.

Suing Your Ex for Causing Injuries to Your Children 

It is possible to sue your ex for causing injuries to your children. In the aforementioned case, the spouse of the mother could potentially explore this option alongside a qualified injury attorney in South Carolina. The basic premise is simple: Passengers have the right to sue drivers for causing injuries. Since children are minors, however, they do not have the legal ability to file injury lawsuits themselves.

As a result, it falls to their immediate family members to sue on their behalf. This may help them pursue the necessary funds for medical expenses and other damages. Of course, both parents may agree that paying for these medical expenses is necessary – somewhat negating the effectiveness of a lawsuit.

There are other damages to consider in addition to medical expenses. These might include emotional distress, pain & suffering, PTSD, and much more. Aside from criminal consequences, a civil lawsuit may help families achieve a sense of justice and closure after such a tragic incident.

Find a Qualified, Experienced Catastrophic Injury Attorney in South Carolina 

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced Charleston car accident lawyer, look no further than Mickelsen Dalton, LLC. With our help, you can explore options for compensation on behalf of your injured children. There is a wide range of possibilities to discuss, so book your consultation today to receive targeted guidance based on your unique situation.



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