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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Crime / Georgia Dog Attack – 11-Year-Old Boy, Justin Gilstrap – Hospitalized After 3 Pitbulls Attacked Him – Columbia County, Georgia

Georgia Dog Attack – 11-Year-Old Boy, Justin Gilstrap – Hospitalized After 3 Pitbulls Attacked Him – Columbia County, Georgia

3 Pitbulls Viciously Attacked Justin Gilstrap in Rolling Meadows Subdivision

On January 8, 2023, around 6:00 pm, an 11-year-old boy was riding his bike through his neighborhood, Rolling Meadows Subdivision located in Columbia County, Georgia when 3 unleashed Pitbulls tore the young boy from his bicycle. Officers on the scene noted that the boy’s scalp was torn halfway off, and he was covered with deep puncture wounds all over. The young boy’s mother, Ericka Gilstrap, is asking for prayers and support. She started a GoFundMe page to cover his medical expenses. Ms. Gilstrap is a single mother of 4 children. In a statement on her GoFundMe page, she expressed that the young boy is in the hospital and sedated and will be undergoing further treatment. The Columbia County Police Department is investigating the incident.

The owner of the dogs, Burt Thomas Baker was not at home at the time of the incident. He was arrested and charged with reckless conduct.

What Type of Liability for a Dog Bite in Georgia

In a number of states across the U.S., there is a “one bite” rule that exempts the dog owner or guardian from legal culpability the first time their dog causes injury as long as they had no reason to believe their dog was dangerous. Georgia has a modified one-bite rule.

In Georgia, a dog owner is liable for a dog bite if they had knowledge that the dog was vicious. A dog can also be termed “vicious” under Georgia law, and the owner can be held accountable if the owner was negligent and the attack was unprovoked. These changes to the one-bite legislation provide a dog bite victim with more options by making it easier to demonstrate that a dog was dangerous.

Attorney Brian Mickelsen’s Legal Insight

Legal contributor Attorney Brian Mickelsen, an experienced crime victim lawyer, represents crime victims and gunshot victims injured or killed in shootings, dog bites, stabbings, and assaults at apartment complexes and commercial properties.

“Although the law makes it relatively easy to hold dog owners accountable for bites, that does not mean the case will be simple. Insurance companies can be difficult to work with, and they may try to assign blame. If the owner does not have insurance, the case will very certainly become more problematic.

A dog bite attorney can thoroughly evaluate your claim, determine which laws apply, guarantee that the relevant persons are held accountable, and present the facts successfully. It’s possible that you’ll be underpaid if you don’t engage an attorney.

It is advisable to contact an attorney as quickly as possible after an incident, even if you’re not sure if you want or need one. This is your opportunity to speak with someone about your animal bite case and receive information and advice.”

An experienced attorney at Mickelsen Dalton LLC can help determine if you have a claim and advise you of your options. Our attorneys have successfully represented dozens of personal injuries and assault victims. Within the past four years, Mickelsen Dalton LLC has recovered over $50 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients. We have been featured in Fox News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and several other national news organizations.

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