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South Carolina Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog, commonly referred to as man’s best friend, can be a source of support and companionship, as well as a much-loved family member. However, a dog’s animal instincts might put innocent people in danger in particular situations. Some people are unfortunate enough to come across a dog that has been bred to fight or attack or has vicious tenancies.

Mickelsen Dalton’s South Carolina and Georgia dog bite attorneys will assist you if you are suffering from the aftereffects of a dog bite or have lost a family member to a mauling by a vicious dog or dangerous breed. Our South Carolina dog bite lawyers are committed to assisting you in obtaining full financial recompense for the events that transpired. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Why Hire a Dog and Animal Bite Attorney From Mickelsen Dalton?

First and foremost, you are entitled to full justice. We will keep fighting until we achieve a favorable result for every client.

We want our clients to be confident in their decision to work with us. Our lawyers are constantly available to their clients and keep in touch with them throughout the entire case. We will meet you wherever it is most convenient for you, whether it is in our office, your home, a local setting, or a hospital.

Mickelsen Dalton is a nationwide trial firm based in the Southeast. Choosing us is the best decision you can make. By contacting us and requesting a completely free consultation, you are ensuring your future.

Why You Need a Dog and Animal Bite Attorney?

Although the law makes it relatively easy to hold dog owners accountable for bites, that does not mean the case will be simple. Insurance companies can be difficult to work with, and they may try to assign blame. If the owner does not have insurance, the case will very certainly become more problematic.

A dog bite attorney can thoroughly evaluate your claim, determine which laws apply, guarantee that the relevant persons are held accountable, and present the facts successfully. It’s possible that you’ll be underpaid if you don’t engage an attorney.

It is advisable to contact an attorney as quickly as possible after an incident, even if you’re not sure if you want or need one. This is your opportunity to speak with someone about your animal bite case and receive information and advice.

Type of Liability for a Dog Bite in South Carolina

In a number of states across the U.S., there is a “one bite” rule that exempts the dog owner or guardian from legal culpability the first time their dog causes injury as long as they had no reason to believe their dog was dangerous. South Carolina does not have a one-bite rule, and Georgia has a modified one-bite rule.

In South Carolina, a strict-liability statute holds dog owners liable for damages incurred by a person who is bitten or assaulted by a dog. The dog bite victim is not required to show that the owner was aware of or should have been aware of the dog’s proclivity for the attack.

In Georgia, a dog owner is liable for a dog bite if they had knowledge that the dog was vicious. A dog can also be termed “vicious” under Georgia law, and the owner can be held accountable if the owner was negligent and the attack was unprovoked. These changes to the one bite legislation provide a dog bite victim with more options by making it easier to demonstrate that a dog was dangerous.

Contact a South Carolina Dog Bite Attorney at Mickelsen Dalton Today

If you or a loved one has been bitten or mauled by a dog, contact an experienced South Carolina dog bite attorney as soon as possible. Mickelsen Dalton’s attorneys are available to assist you. Contact us today — for our South Carolina office, call (843) 804-0428, and for our Georgia office, call (678) 641-9054.