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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers / South Carolina Boat & Watercraft Accident Lawyer

South Carolina Boat & Watercraft Accident Lawyer

On South Carolina’s lakes and coastal waterways, many people enjoy boating, skiing, and fishing. Going out on the lake or any waterway is usually a great way to spend your day. However, all it takes is one careless or inebriated boater to ruin your day on the lake by causing a major boating accident that results in injury or drowning.

If you or a loved one has been hurt as a result of another boater’s negligence or disregard for safety, you may be entitled to compensation. South Carolina boat accident lawyers at Mickelsen Dalton understand how stressful a sudden catastrophe may be on a victim’s life. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to discuss your possible claim.

Choose Mickelsen Dalton LLC for Your Boat Accident Claim

Our South Carolina personal injury attorneys are skilled trial lawyers and tenacious advocates who stand up for the oppressed by giving them a voice and supporting those in need. We maximize the value of each case by working promptly and preparing it for trial from the start.

Mickelsen Dalton LLC limits the number of active cases it takes on each month. We limit the number and types of cases we take on so that we can devote the time and attention necessary to your case. We do so because we recognize that this isn’t just a case. After all, it’s your life.

Why You Need a Boating and Watercraft Accident Attorney

If you are in a boat accident with an uninsured boater, obtaining compensation is going to be quite difficult. This is only one of the numerous reasons why you should choose an experienced South Carolina boat accident lawyer. So that you have a lawyer fighting for you to ensure that your rights are preserved.

Additional ways an attorney can help after sustaining an injury in a boat accident include but are not limited to:

  • Handling insurance companies and ensuring you get proper reimbursement (they tend to offer low claims)
  • Filing a lawsuit for negligence—another party acted negligently to cause the accident and your injuries
  • Filing a product defect claim—the boat was not properly constructed or manufactured
  • Obtaining maximum compensation—sometimes your injuries are more severe and require additional medical expenses

These are just a few ways our attorneys will be able to help you after a boating accident.

Boating and Watercraft Accident Statistics

Recreational boating incidents resulted in 5,265 deaths, 3,191 injuries, and $62.5 million in property damage in the most recent year reported by the United States Coast Guard.

According to reports of increased boat sales, insurance policies were taken out, insurance claims, and needs for towing help, boating activity increased dramatically during the epidemic. This uptick in boat sales also caused a rise in boating accidents and uninsured boaters on the waterways.

According to the data provided by the USCG in the most recent year, South Carolina had the highest number of boating accidents it has ever reported.

Contact Our South Carolina Boat Accident Attorneys Today

The Mickelsen Dalton LLC boat accident lawyers in South Carolina and Georgia have dealt with insurance companies, investigated accidents, and assisted clients in collecting compensation for their injuries sustained after a boating accident. Allow one of our skilled lawyers to take care of the intricacies of your case.

Please call us at (843) 804-0428 in South Carolina or (678) 641-9054 in Georgia so that we can get started on your claim. You can also contact us online or send us an email at help@mickelsendalton.com. We handle cases in multiple jurisdictions.