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South Carolina Burn Injury Attorney

Burn accidents are a unique area of personal injury law that frequently necessitates the assistance of a burn injury attorney. Mickelsen Dalton specializes in assisting persons who have been burned by chemicals, heat, or fire. Our South Carolina burn injury lawyers have represented clients who have suffered burn injuries as a result of a variety of circumstances.

As a result of a burn, an injury can arise in a variety of ways. Many of these burns are the consequence of a car collision or other motor vehicle accidents that end in harm from an airbag, fire, or explosion. Burns from flammable fuel (liquid gas) explosions or spills, hot or scalding water, electricity-related burns, industrial or manufacturing accidents, building or other structure fires, defective candles, and faulty fuel starters such as matches or lighters are among the other types of burn injuries.

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Why Hire Mickelsen Dalton for Your Burn Injury Claim?

We are unique to other personal injury firms because we always put our clients above everything else. Our South Carolina injury attorneys place an emphasis on communication and accessibility.

Our attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and form long-term relationships with our clients. When you call, you will speak directly with the attorney who has been assigned to your case.

We care about our clients and recognize that this is not just a lawsuit; it is their lives, thus we provide constant access to and communication with our attorneys.

We handle catastrophic injuries, car accidents, and wrongful death cases in South Carolina.

Why You Need a Burn Injury Attorney?

Burn injuries are frequently caused by the negligence of another person or persons, and the burn victim may be unaware of this wrongdoing. Burns can occur when someone fails to maintain specific water temperatures or fails to appropriately warn about hot surfaces. An experienced burn injury lawyer will examine your circumstances and advise you on the best course of action.

A team of lawyers will typically work on your behalf with medical providers, insurance companies, and other essential parties to preserve your legal rights and ensure that you obtain the fairest and just financial recompense possible.

Burn Injury Facts

According to the World Health Organization, burns are a global public health hazard, with an estimated 180,000 deaths each year. Non-fatal burns are a primary source of morbidity, with consequences such as extended hospitalization, disfigurement, and disability, as well as stigma and rejection.

Additionally, on average, nearly 11 million people worldwide suffer burns that require medical attention. Also, according to the data from the WHO, females are more likely to suffer life-threatening burns than males.

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