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Charleston Personal Injury Lawyers / South Carolina Electric Shock Lawyer

South Carolina Electric Shock Lawyer

With so many electrical outlets and devices around us that work without a hitch, it’s easy to forget that the energy that powers practically every single appliance we use is more than enough to kill. If the current goes through your body in the correct way and under the appropriate circumstances, it can result in a fatal accident or cause lifelong injuries.

The South Carolina electric shock attorneys at Mickelsen Dalton can help walk you through the options you or a loved one has if you have suffered a serious injury from an electric shock or electrocution. Our South Carolina personal injury lawyers are experienced in handling such cases with the utmost care and discretion.

Why Choose Mickelsen Dalton?

Mickelsen Dalton has a team of high-profile, trial attorneys. Each case is prepared as if it will go to trial, as this can help increase the value of your claim. Our South Carolina electric shock lawyers are tenacious and relentless advocates who will always fight for justice.

We realize this is a trying time and your livelihood is at stake, which is why your matter is more than just a case to us.

People contact us when they have exhausted all other options. They are going through the most trying moment of their lives and rely on us to provide answers—to bring justice to them and their families. We do not back down, regardless of the size of the insurance company, corporate, or government on the opposite side.

Why Do You Need an Electric Shock Attorney?

You have rights, and an experienced electrocution injury attorney can help you defend them. You owe it to yourself and your family to educate yourself on your legal rights and options.

This form of injury falls under a specialized and difficult legal category. You may opt to seek legal action after your electrical shock damage has been properly addressed. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to go through all available options and see if you have a viable case worth pursuing.

Where Electric Shock Occurs

Electrocution can happen anywhere there are subpar electrical products, negligent installation and maintenance of electrical infrastructure, or downed power lines, including the home, the workplace, and any other location.

People are more at risk of electrocution at home and at work because that is where they spend most of their time and are exposed the most. Appliances like toasters can cause electric shock in the home, but wiring poses a greater risk.

According to the NCBI, there are approximately 1,000 deaths per year as the result of an electrical issue or shock. Additionally, there are over 30,000 electrocution incidents each year that are do not result in a fatality.

Contact the South Carolina Injury Attorneys at Mickelsen Dalton

If you or someone you love has suffered a major bodily injury as a result of electricity and would like to know if you can file an electric shock case, call Mickelsen Dalton and talk with one of our South Carolina electric shock attorneys. We have a track record of successfully resolving complex matters. To learn more about your legal alternatives, contact us online or call (843) 804-0428 (South Carolina) or (678) 641-9054 (Georgia). You can also reach out to us via email or through our website.